Luxury outdoor kitchen in Poole

Outdoor Kitchen Transformation

Lets take you through this particular build in Poole, Dorset. It is a stone's throw away from Poole harbour. It's a beautiful part of the world and the second largest natural harbour in the world. For this post we will run you through this build and show you this outdoor kitchen that we've completed.


When we arrived here the customer had their own outdoor kitchen set up that they
built themselves which consisted of a stainless steel table, a pizza oven and the a barbecue in the same position.


When we came in and there was a fence along the side of the building, we took it out, levelled the ground and then we took the existing patio. After everything was removed, we put hardcore down and then we put a concrete base down right underneath. We also dug out some footings where you can see the brick wall, so we had solid foundation for the walls.

The roof structure that we built on this is made out of treated timber posts, these are six by six treated posts, which we stained to match the cladding that's on the front of the house. On top of those you've got the six 6x6 ring beam that goes all the way around there that's painted the same colour as well. That forms the base for the structure of this roof. It is hipped roof construction, we use tiles to match the existing house so it all ties in. For the hip construction you can see underneath, it's a simple case of a ridge going along with the rafters, the two hips at the end and then we put collars in across which holds the roof together but also it gives somewhere to put lights along there and also heaters if you want to have heaters. We put some marine ply on the top of the rafters and painted that the same colour match, so that when you look up all you see is the ply and the timbers.

For the walls, we tried to get a brick that matched the existing house as closely as we could they stopped making the bricks for the existing house. We found these ones, they're a really close match and to be honest you can't even tell that they're different. We built this wall up to about two meters high and maintained a height on the left side for a splashback behind the behind the kitchen. The taller main wall provides privacy from the front aspect.

Outdoor Kitchen

We built this outdoor kitchen using concrete blocks behind the fascia. Then we used timber battens and then we then use this large cladding so these came in huge planks they're maybe three 400 mil wide sawn larch and we've just used them in like a feather edge detail and it gives that really rustic look.

The customer had a Beefeater BBQ from before, so we simply reused it in the new layout. Moving on to the rest of the items used in the kitchen, we have got a beefeater stainless steel double cupboards these provide access you've got two gas tanks in there and then coming along to left you have got another access cupboard which gives you access and storage underneath. Above there is a beefeater stainless steel side burner, the customer wanted they cook a lot of stir fries on they use their wok a lot so that was an essential for them.

We installed some sockets, these are an industrial look. Originally the customer had some outdoor sockets they were quite chunky ones but because we're undercover here we could change them.

Luxury outdoor kitchen in Poole
Kamado ceramic oven installation

The last stainless steel cupboard is a Beefeater pull out draw, normally you can either use this for a propane tank or you can use it for a waste bin.

The final piece of cooking equipment you have got the big green egg which most people know what these are the kamado ovens, we've lowered it down again so the cooking height is right.

Finally you just got a space here for a fridge which the customer supplied themselves.

Beefeater Stainless Steel Doors

Durable and weather resistant stainless steel doors.


Beefeater 3000 Series Built In Side Burner

The Beefeater Signature Built In Side Burner is constructed from stainless steel and features a powerful 20,000 BTU burner so will be sure to compliment any outdoor kitchen.


Beefeater Built In BBQ

This Beefeater Built In BBQ is ideal for those wanting a little bit more from their outdoor cooking. Watch as your meal cooks to perfection through the convection roasting hood and no need for messy lava rock as all Beefeater Gas BBQs use unique stainless steel vaporisers to enhance the flavour of your favourite BBQ food.



The worktops so these worktops are incredible so this is called Verdi Lara and the customer actually went up to Levantina which is the name of the company that makes them. They went up to their headquarters in hook and walked through and chose this this slab. This would have been three meters long, by about 1.5 meters wide. It was a huge slab of granite and they picked this one out. They have also had these splashbacks done as well, it all ties in nicely but that is such a beautiful piece of granite.

Levantina Outdoor kitchen worktops

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