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This project in surrey, we recently finished the outdoor kitchen on this and today I’m
going to be taking you through the outdoor kitchen how we built it all the techniques that we use and everything all the appliances


When we arrived here this was just an oak structure, there was no patio slabs and there was no Astro turf or anything here. so obviously a lot of this work has
been done by outside contractors.


The kitchen is made using timber frame so they're timber studs all the way around, almost like ladders that are fixed together and then we put cement board on the outside of that timber frame to hold it all together. When you've got a timber frame like this, when you put the cement board on it makes it completely rigid and also cement board helps with like any fire resistance as well.

Because we're under cover here there's no chance of rain or the elements getting in, we were happy to use timber frame. Block work and brickwork is always preferable for an outdoor kitchen but in a situation like this a timber frame is fine and as long as it's protected from the elements.

In terms of the finish on this, underneath here so you've got the stud work frame, then you've got the cement board, finally we've used these split face tiles. These tiles are there they're almost like a z shape and you just you use tile adhesive as you would a normal tile we would recommend using an exterior tile adhesive to ensure that any moisture does not cause the tiles to come unstuck.

The split face tiles come in a variety of different colours this is white but it's got almost like a crystal sheen to it it's really nice, we've actually mitred all of the corners on here so there's no trims or anything like that to maintain the clean finish.


Use we'll start with the beefeater 2000 barbecue it's a gas bbq, it has a stainless steel hood and stainless steel front, you've got the knobs at the front and you've got the cast iron grids there and four burners, fantastic barbecue this barbecue actually comes with the beefeater signature series which ready-made kitchen.

Underneath as usual we have some stainless steel double access cupboards and in there is purely storage for charcoal and the gas tank. The double cupboards allow access to everything underneath there.

Further along you've got the pull out gas tank which draw, which can also be used as a waste bin. The customer here has used it for storing alcohol wine which is something we've not seen before, but still a good use.

Here now this is really exciting for us, this is the first monolith Kamado oven that we've installed in one of our kitchens.

These are a Kamado ovens and are fantastic they can be used for barbecuing slow cooking smoking it can be used as a pizza oven. It's got so many different uses these really are a phenomenal piece of kit.

You’ll notice also that we've lowered this shelf down here so the cooking height is at the same height as the granite worktops.

There so on this monolith oven, you can see you've got the temperature gauge there which which shows you the temperature is inside, the dial actually tells you the perfect temperatures for whatever you're trying to achieve. If you're smoking between 150 and 250 Celsius, barbecuing and roasting you up to 500, searing even higher and then pizzas.

On the top here you've got the the vent which you can open and close and that regulates the amount of airflow that comes through and it regulates how much heat is involved.

This particular Kamado is the classic pro series there are four different sizes, there's the monolith icon the smallest, the junior the next one up, then the classic which is this one and finally there's the chef which is bigger still.

Lechef Pro-Series 2.0

The all new Monolith Le Chef Pro Series 2.0 Black Kamado Ceramic Grill With Cart is the the latest innovation from Monolith and takes barbecuing to the next level. This is the largest grill within the Monolith family.


Classic Pro-Series 2.0 Red

This revolutionary kamado style BBQ grill features the Pro Series Smart Grid System offering unrivalled functionality and flexibility. The mid sized kamado option.


Junior Pro Series 2.0 Black

The all new Monolith Junior Pro Series 2.0 Black Kamado Ceramic Grill. It is the smallest grill within the Monolith family after the portable Icon.


Finally you've just got a stainless steel double outdoor fridge for keeping all your drinks and your food cold in so on.


This kitchen has got a 20 mil thick dark granite and this is a polished granite as well it's got a really nice finish to it it's got a nice pattern in it as well it comes you might notice on the corners they've just got this lovely curved edge and breakfast bar piece has been done out of one piece so there are no joins at all in this granite it's absolutely beautiful.

On the far side of the island you've got a 300 mil overhang for bar stools. Ideal when you've got your friends and family around, they can all sit there while you're cooking, you can serve them with drinks and everything else.

This is just a really really good social space here.

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